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FAQs for Bellamy Farm

Frequently asked questions from browsers and buyers in our Bellamy Farm community. Reach out to our staff to get the expertise of the area.

Click on the question to see what the answer is. If you don't find your question answered here, feel free to contact us and we can help you out.

A:All driveways are paved.
A:Each unit comes with stainless steel kitchen appliances including a refrigerator, range, dishwasher and a microwave range hood. Washer and dryer are also included.
A:We do not provide fencing for rear yard.
A:Typically there is a rear yard easement to allow inside units to access their back yards.
A:Each unit comes with an asphalt laneway, sodded front yard, patio stone walkway and rear yards that are topsoil and seeded.
A:Some units have shared driveway and some are separate. Come early to choose the style you would like.
A:Each rear deck comes with stairs to the ground.

FAQs for all other communities

Here are some of the questions that are asked for all of our other communities. Click on the question to see what the answer is. If you don't find your question answered here, feel free to contact us and we can help you out.
A:For the most part, the answer to this is yes. Most of the time it is quite simply to move an exterior wall out to add square footage to a home. There is generally a cost for this as we are adding space but it is done on many homes that we build.
A:We try to design many of our homes with few or no bearing walls to give us the flexibility to adjust rooms and move walls as easily as possible within a home.
A:Many times there is no cost for this. This is part of our process where we meet with each homeowner to review the plans to ensure that they meet their needs and wants. Interior walls are adjusted in many of the homes we build.
A:Yes. We discuss all windows and doors at the plan meeting and can, for the most part, make changes as desired. There is often little cost for this.
A:Many times the exterior finishes are governed by the subdivision agreement that a home is being built in. First and foremost we have to abide by those covenants but we can certainly go above and beyond these covenants. For example we can increase the brickl coverage on a home, we can upgrade from standard brick to a nice stone look, we can change siding to a vertical rather than a horizontal siding....
A:We will have a designer work with you through the entire process to help with design work and colour selection. First and foremost we want you to lead the way with your favourite colours/choices and we will ensure that they will work together to give you the home you have dreamed of.
A:All we need from you is a starting point. If there is a model that is close to what you want we can start with that and make full-scale changes to accommodate your wants and needs. There is little that we can't do to make sure the home is perfect for you.
A:During your design appointment, you will meet with our designer as well as our cabinet designer and go through the kitchen and bathroom cabinets in detail. Every homeowner has their own ideas for their dream kitchen and we will work with you to achieve this.
A:After the framing of the home is complete we invite you to the home for your "Mechanical Walk Through". We will need you for 2-3 hours as we walk through every room and discuss all the electrical needs, plumbing items, ensure you are happy with the kitchen layout and a multitude of other questions that we need answers to in order to complete the home to your satisfaction. You are free to add plugs, switches, potlights, cable outlets or make changes to the kitchen layout and many other things at this point.
A:All along the journey of building your home we will have a tally going and any time you need reassurance we can certainly update you on exactly where you are with the pricing for your new home. We will never add anything to your home without your permission. If you want to add an upgrade we will add it to our pricing list and send it to you for approval before proceeding. You will always be in control.